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Wrapping is a series of porcelain tableware that fuses the handcraft of paper-folding with digital technologies and the production method of slip-casting. The complexity of wrinkled paper is a challenge to reproduce with cast ceramic.


Digital fabrication technologies offer a new opportunity to bring such geometries and surface qualities into porcelain. The resolution of both the 3D scanner and printer impart their own signature, while allowing the original soft quality of the wrinkled paper to be translated into the materials of the model, mould, and final piece.

"Creating Digital Tools: Collaborating Digital Tools to Enable New Forms of Creativity in Product Design."

CIPED VI International Conference on Design Research, Lisbon, Portugal, 10-12.10.2011

3D Scanning and Printing as a New Medium in Product Design."

Second Conference International on Creativity and Innovation in Design, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 19-21.10.2011

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