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Round Rhizome Rings is a modularised mycelium (fungi) acoustic tile system. The tiles are connected with brass connectors and can be hung or fastened to a wall. Arising from variables in mycelium growing conditions, including temperature, humidity, light and duration, the tiles exhibit different colours and patterns. Panels are easily replaceable and 100% compostable, and connectors are recyclable.

Biomaterials offer an opportunity to address waste and environmental issues. When objects are made of living materials such as fungi, what might be a new bio-aesthetic experience that fungi would bring to our indoor environments? 

Round Rhizome Rings explored creating more sustainable furniture that does not end up as mountains of landfill and could return to where it came from – the soil – without harm at the end of its life. At the same time, it also explored a new aesthetic experience that is particular to this biomaterial and challenges how people perceive the ageing of objects. Its colour continues to change, and new patterns may emerge over time depending on its surrounding environments, thereby challenging the perception of the material's temporal quality. Rather than fitting to a precisely controlled, standardised aesthetic, the design highlights living materials' unpredictable nature, offering a more diverse interior atmosphere.


Merit Award in USE from Designers Australia Awards, 2023

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Im-Permanent exhibition at
Abbotsford Convent Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
 18 -28 May 2022

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