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Liquid Sky is a multi-layered textile sunshade/blind that captures the particularities of sea, air and light. It acts as a camera obscura, both filtering and collecting light in its surfaces. With the reflected light created by the gentle movement 
of the sea, which shifts from the dazzle of glittering reflections to the subtlety of calm fog, the light captured by the sunshade/blind similarly dynamically shifts with changing wind and daylight.

Mornington Perninsula Regional Gallery 2008 as a part of Out of the Square 2008
"Liquid Light: Three Projects by little wonder, Melbourne." 
On Site Review. Architecture + Weather. (Issue 21. 2009):39-41
"Liquid Sky: Toward Sensorial Aesthetics." Design and Craft: a History of Convergences, 7th Conference of the International Committee for Design History and Design Studies, ICDHS 2010, Brussels, Belgium, 20-22.09.2010


With the movement of sun and air, the quality of light captured by the curtain changes - from hard focus to soft blur - in an animated light effect resembling that of sunlight dancing off the surface of the bay.

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